ベアーズQB レギュラーの座は誰の手に。

A month out from Bears training camp, rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has no plans to upset the apple cart in Chicago.




  1. month out この時のoutは過ぎて・・という意味
  2. plan to upset the applecart で「人の計画を覆す」もしくは「期待を裏切る」とかって意味


Speaking Friday with SiriusXM NFL Radio, the No. 2 pick in the draft called veteran passer Mike Glennon the unquestioned starter.



"Mike's a great dude. He's an absolute pro. We've got a great quarterback room with him, Mark Sanchez and Connor Shaw. So we've all been helping each other compete and getting better every day," Trubisky said. "But Mike's the starter and I'm behind him all the way."



The Bears stunned their long-suffering fan base by trading up in the draft to nab Trubisky after paying a king's ransom -- $18.5 million guaranteed -- to Glennon in free agency.


  1. stunnde   気絶 唖然とする
  2. long suffering 長い苦しみ
  3. King's ransom 巨額の金 (直訳:王の身代金)





The Chicago Tribune reported in May that Glennon, the former Bucs backup, felt "cheated on" after the Bearsselected Trubisky, but the veteran announced later in the month that this remained "his year, his team." "It's my job to come in, learn the offense as fast as possible and then just go out there and compete," 



  1. tribune 新聞の名前に使うことが多い。シカゴ新聞→Chicago Tribune
  2. former 以前の
  3. cheated on 浮気をする 騙される cheat で騙すという意味


Trubisky said Friday. "[Glennon's] helping me with anything I need help with and I'm there for him, just being another set of eyes on the field."



Said the rookie: "Mike's been awesome and he's been a huge part of me learning and my development so far with the Bears. So I'm lucky to have great teammates."



This is all very nice, but reality suggests that Trubisky and Glennon -- maybe even Sanchez -- could all make starts for the Bears this season.

He's got the job for now, but if and when Glennon struggles, there will be immense pressure to play the kid for whom Chicago sold the farm. We've seen this story a thousand times before.